We encourage our pupils to give things a go and try something new. With over 60 co-curricular activities on offer, there’s something for everyone to get stuck into.

No one is good at everything, but everyone can excel at something. We see, first-hand, the joy and sense of accomplishment taking part in co-curricular activities brings. Whether it’s light relief from the academic focus needed in the GCSE years, making friends for life or exploring new ways to satisfy creativity or curiosity – these activities have a habit of bringing it all out.

Activities on offer

Over 60 activities make up our total offering. Some are term-specific and others run throughout the year, and we very much try to fit as many as we can into the school day to ensure our school bus users don’t miss out.

Some of our most popular activities in recent years include Lego building, crime scene investigation (forensic science), gymnastics and DJ club.

The full list of activities, their timings and other information can be downloaded below.

Summer Term 2022 Co-curricular Leaflet

Duke of Edinburgh Award

We introduce DofE to all pupils in Year 9. Throughout the year they complete a range of expeditions as a team and take part in community volunteering projects in order to qualify for the bronze award. After that, it’s their choice to work towards silver and gold, and a huge number of our pupils do.

The expeditions allow pupils to demonstrate a range of practical and survival skills, including first aid, with the majority taking place on weekends at locations in England and Wales, with the opportunity to travel abroad at gold level. It may be hard work but is always worth it, with a huge sense of achievement at the end!

Young Enterprise

Every year, teams of pupils form and run their own businesses, often with huge success. They produce company reports, make products and run their own marketing, display at a trade show and compete against other businesses for awards. Previous businesses have included a multi-generational board game, a cable tidy and a creative solution to the problem of food waste targeted by foxes, all winning awards and praise for innovation, tenacity and perseverance.