Students benefit from a wide choice of co-curricular activities, sports as well as leading roles in our community partnership programme and Joyce Grenfell programme.

Departments regularly run A level subject-specific field trips and workshops to expand learning. For example, our biology students have visited London zoo, economics students toured the Bank of England, drama students enjoyed Chichester Festival and media studies students have travelled to the British Film Institute.

As an alternative to team sports, and as part of our weekly sports programme, students can choose to participate in a variety of other activities at school (e.g. karate, badminton and archery), or can choose from sports such as squash, yoga, spinning or use the fitness equipment at external providers such as Sandown Sports or the Xcel Leisure Centre.

Co-curricular clubs and activities

There are more than thirty five co-curricular clubs available for any pupil from Year 7 to upper sixth, providing a huge range of choice for sixth form students along with the opportunity to help younger pupils develop their interests. Activities on offer range from debating to car maintenance, self defence to university cooking skills, as well as organisations such as medical and law societies. Some of these activities are set up and run by the students themselves, with our guidance and support.

Sixth form students also play an integral role in all major Senior School performances, including the carol service, annual theatrical production and musical teas. They also act as captains of each of the houses, take part in Duke of Edinburgh and Young Enterprise programmes.

Volunteering and charity work

Many of the sixth formers carry out volunteering in the Pre-Preparatory or Preparatory School where they listen to younger pupils read, act as classroom assistants or help referee sport fixtures.

Additionally, the sixth form choose two charities that they would like to support each year and then set up, run and lead a variety of fundraising events. This offers wonderful opportunity for sixth form students to develop leadership and team building skills. This is an essential part of team-building amongst the students as well as becoming role models for younger years.


In recent years (pre-Covid) our students have taken part in a real variety of enriching, cultural trips to locations as varied as New York, Washington and Berlin. They are hugely popular life affirming, bonding experiences for the students enabling them to become global citizens.