As part of their preparations for applying to some of the country’s top universities, lower sixth students have been widening their skills and knowledge using the schools stretch and challenge enrichment programme. Using former news reader, Michael Buerk’s lively BBC radio 4 ethical dilemma discussion, the Moral Maze, each student independently researched, presented and answered questions surrounding a topic of their choice. Subjects included everything from COVID vaccine inequalities and the dangers of artificial intelligence to transgender rights and genetic engineering and population control.

Commenting on the quality of their work, Mr Hyman, head of sixth form (academic) said “I was taken aback by both the diversity of topics and the sheer quality that the students displayed. Being able to research, present and to ‘think on their feet’ when asked a difficult question are key skills that will be very useful in any future university interview.  Given the pressures that everyone is currently under, the fact that these students took time to complete this optional task was testament to both their resilience and determination for future success.”