It has been fantastic to see the return of a whole range of Senior School co-curricular clubs following October half term.

In design technology self-build club, pupils Jensen and Ollie have been working together on an exciting project building a vivarium for a pet leopard gecko each Monday and Wednesday lunch time. They have spent lots of time researching the best possible materials and working out how to make the enclosure safe and reptile friendly. It’s a fantastic project and the boys have enjoyed the build process immensely.

“A cardboard model of the vivarium enabled us to give the exact dimensions to Mr Baker who supplied the materials. We glued all the wood panels together to form a box and we left the front of the vivarium open so we could fit the doors on later. Excitingly, this vivarium is unique because we added a box on top so the gecko has two floors to move around.” 

We look forward to seeing the finished project once complete! Well done Jensen and Ollie.