LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) examinations were held on February 21 2022.  We are extremely pleased with how well the students have performed in this examination session especially as for many of them it was their first LAMDA examination.

Over the half the students (16) achieved Distinctions, which is a grade over 85%. Within the Distinctions group, 7 students achieved over 90%. A very impressive result.

While everyone who participated received amazing results, a special congratulations goes to year 7 Ben M who got 98% in Grade 3 Verse and Prose Year 7, as well as year 10 Ava P who got 91% at Bronze which is an incredible achievement.

Further proof of our pupil’s talent is that 12 students achieved high merits over 75% and there were no pass grades which is excellent at Level two examinations.

We are delighted to report that the number of students enrolled in LAMDA has gone from 18, when Mrs Zolinski first returned to teaching in person, to 45, as we go into the third term! It is lovely to see so many pupils participating and gaining confidence through LAMDA.

Below is our LAMDA Examination Spring Term Results 2022. Teacher, Maggie Zolinski, has highlighted some students who also deserve special recognition:


Grade 3 Verse and Prose

Year 6

Lily S – Distinction 92%

Catherine W – Distinction 92%

Thea H – Distinction

Ophelia R-R – Merit

Elsie R – Merit

Year 7

Ben M – Distinction 98%

Arabella L – Distinction 91%

Nell A – Distinction

Isla T – Distinction

Raahil L – Merit

Year 8

Amy G – Distinction

Siolfor-Rose S – Distinction

Ijal – Merit

Year 9

Luca S – Distinction

Oscar H  – Distinction

Grade 4 Verse and Prose

Year 7

Emily F-M – Merit

Oliver L – Merit

Year 8

Chloe W – Distinction

Grade 5 Verse and Prose

Year 8

Annabelle W – Distinction 95%

Isabella L – Distinction – 92%

Sophie S – Merit

Aoife C – Merit

Grade 4 Acting Combined Duologue

Year 9

Conall C – Merit

Tom O’Brien – Merit

Grade 5 Acting Duologue

Year 9

Lucy H – Merit

Year 10

Arwa K – Merit

Grade 6 Bronze Medal Acting Duologue

Year 10

Ava P – Distinction 91%

Toby R – Distinction