We had a such a lively instrumental tea on Wednesday 1 March; it was absolutely wonderful to see our students, parents and alumni really enjoy themselves. In the very special setting of our magnificent mansion, the Great Room was filled with joyful music, followed by a delicious tea with home-made delicacies afterwards.

On this occasion we were lucky enough to showcase talents across not one but two instruments, as we had a group of junior guitarists and a group of senior percussionists perform various pieces of music throughout the afternoon. We were also treated to a couple of numbers from a talented sixth form band.

As ever, the focus of these performances is to present a wide range of abilities. This meant each participant had the chance to perform and showcase a chosen piece of music, some more experienced than others. What a brilliant opportunity for students to experience playing in front of a live audience; some who were performing to an audience for the very first time.

Many thanks to all those involved in making this a very enjoyable afternoon, and well done to our talented students who continue to be inspired by our most skilled and highly qualified peripatetic tutors, Mr Spevock (Drum Kit) and Mr Thornton (guitar). It was a truly ‘toe-tapping’ event!

Participating students were:

Thomas S – Year 6

Leo U – Year 4

Tommy W – Year 4

Luis C – Year 6

Rupert H – Year 6

LJ P – Year 7

Aaron R – Year 9

Eloise P – Year 7

Nikki K – Year 10

Henry Z – Year 10

Matthew R – Sixth form

Max M – Sixth form

Ollie H – Sixth form

Matthew S – Sixth form