On Thursday 24, the Senior School hosted house day where pupils got to share their house spirit and work as a team. All five houses, Esher, Longcross, Radnor, Norwood and Stanmore competed in activities such as debate, quizzes and sports to see who would become the house champions.

The day started with a heated debate about the pros and cons of GSCEs and A levels.

Later the sixth form students enjoyed games of rounders against each other outside in the beautiful sunshine. This was a great opportunity for the boys and girls to work together a team.

Year 7-11 also competed against each other, with girls doing netball on the outside courts and the boys doing football on the field pitches. Other sports that were played were fencing and archery which involved both boys and girls.

Periodically throughout the day in tutor time, pupils enjoyed short fun quizzes which meant there was something for everyone.

At the end of the day, the sports, quiz and debate results were counted and later announced with Norwood as the house day champions! Congratulations Norwood!