We believe that children learn best when there is a strong partnership between home and school.

Our door is always open; teachers and parents are encouraged to discuss the children as needs arise. Informal chats with the class teacher are welcomed and generally secure the well-being of the children. If required, senior academic and pastoral staff are always willing to meet and discuss individual needs. Beyond this, the head plays an active role in the day-to-day life of the children and maintains a keen interest in, as well as overall responsibility for, their academic progress and pastoral well-being.

Progress is also communicated formally to parents regularly and effectively. Each term, the children bring their portfolio home to share with their parents, which complements more traditional, annual written reports and end of term grade cards. There is an information evening at the start of the year as well as two formal opportunities for parent-teacher interviews.

Termly curriculum maps keep parents in touch with their children’s learning and to facilitate effective support at home, if desired.

A weekly newsletter provides an insight into our daily life and the highlights of events and successes at school.

Planning grids for the half term ahead are made available by the last day of each half term to keep parents in touch with their children’s learning and to facilitate effective support at home, if desired.

The school day

The Prep day begins at 08:35 am in the playground, followed by lessons and other supervised activities delivered in ten teaching periods, plus break and lunch, with the school day ending at 3:40pm.

We also offer breakfast club from 08.00am onwards, as well as prep club until 4:00pm, as well as an  after school care facility until 5:45pm, which includes games, activities and a cooked tea.


Every pupil is a member of our school council, learning the principles of democracy and compromise through debating whole school issues. Membership of one of our six houses, and a family group within that house, engenders a sense of familial care, loyalty and responsibility alongside opportunities to develop team and leadership skills.

Working towards a shared common goal, the coveted house cup, inspires the children to strive for their best in all that they do. Positions of responsibility within the school, which include our school captains, house captains, school council communicators and form captains, allow the children to become actively involved in the smooth running of the school. The children are also encouraged to consider their responsibility towards their extended community. Regular fundraising to support both local and more global causes encourages the growth of entrepreneurial spirit alongside a compassionate understanding of the wider world.