At Claremont we truly value endeavour and participation just as much as achievement. We offer a wide and varied outdoor and active programme; all children are encouraged to work hard and participation at every level is valued.

With specialist staff and on-site facilities including a full-size sports hall, multiple pitches, tennis courts and a heated pool, weekly PE lessons enhance the children’s coordination, skills, stamina and teamwork whilst games lessons and regular fixtures allow the children to compete in a wide range of traditional sports, including:

Athletics, basketball, cricket, cross country, fitness, football, gymnastics, hockey, lacrosse, netball, rugby, swimming and tennis.

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Weekly match training and competitive fixtures, with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship, give every child the opportunity to learn the value of persistence and how to conduct themselves with dignity, whether winning or losing. Regular house events and our traditional sports’ day provide additional competitive opportunities for all, whilst the victor and victrix ludorum events and inter- school tournaments to national level challenge our elite athletes.

An innovative outdoor education programme, which takes advantage of our glorious surroundings, promotes our core values of respect for one another, cooperation and camaraderie whilst enjoying the childish delights of activities such as den building or carrying a balloon body on a home-made stretcher through the woods.


We believe in learning both inside and beyond the classroom.

Regular day trips are arranged for all year groups making the most of our excellent location near to central London and the south coast. Residential trips take place in each year group and help promote team building, as well as providing a fantastic opportunity for learning in context. We seek to provide a programme of trips that broadens the experience of the children beyond that which they might enjoy with their family. Regular trip highlights have included: a costumed tudor banquet; language immersion trips to France; dragon boat racing; theatre trips and skiing.


We have a considerable range of clubs on offer and children are encouraged to explore and develop their talents by signing up to at least two clubs per term. Clubs are usually organised on a termly basis thereby giving pupils greater flexibility in taking part in a number of clubs throughout the year.

Prep School co-curricular club timetable Spring 2024

Summer Celebrations

Summer Celebrations is an exciting period towards the end of the summer term which encompasses an uplifting collection of team-building trips, tuneful concerts, show-stopping productions and artistic exhibitions. Dive into our brochure to discover how the whole school celebrated all things enrichment in 2023.

Invisible ink

We value equally those parts of the learning experience which are traditionally measurable – such as mathematics and English – alongside those elements which generally remain hidden from view. Our children enjoy teaching and learning, curricular and co-curricular experiences, in the spirit of their success being their personal progress and development. Weekly recognition assemblies celebrate these successes, and encourage the children to believe that the grade achieved matters less than the efforts and experiences that helped achieve this. In this way, every child can strive to do a little more tomorrow than they do today, motivated by the real sense of purpose and meaning in all that they do.