Fan Court School

Cayley, Class of 1962

Brian Cockburn-Smith

Brian shares cherished photographs and highlights from ten very happy terms at Fan Court School. For Brian, the love and care he received at Fan Court was such a contrast to his time at school in South Africa. Memorable tales amongst many others include showcasing his talent at playing cricket, playing football in the yard outside the Gym and a funny nickname:

“1. Arriving at the school a term later than the other new boys of my age, I was conscious of being scrutinised and my strange accent caused some amusement! However I was soon able to impress them with my cricketing skills, having had twice as much cricket experience owing to the long cricket season in SA.

2. The classes were smaller which meant the teachers got to know our weaknesses and learning was fun. Some of them even had pet names for us. I was ‘Cocky”!

3. During our breaks we could play football in the yard outside the gym while others would use their creativity to build huts in the shrubbery, or spend time in the model making room.

4. Highland Dancing with Mr Henderson in the gym.

5. Learning to box with ‘Sarge’ in the gym.

6. I disliked swimming lessons – the water was far too cold for me!”

“7. Guy Snape was like a father figure to us and invited us to watch “The Valiant Years’ on his B&W TV in his room every Sunday evening. Being the History teacher he felt we needed to know what happened in World War II.

8. Our nickname for Mr Snape was ‘Beep’ which probably came about because he used to drive his little red Heinkel bubble car with a front opening door, for getting round the 50 acre grounds.

9. Being introduced to conker fights which meant competing to find the biggest conkers by throwing sticks into horse chestnut trees, then attaching them to strings.

10. For the less studious boys like myself we would race to bag the snooker or table tennis table during our free time.”