Radnor, Class of 1958

Carol Freeman (Stone Pearn)

Carol remembers one morning sneaking up on the mansion roof to ring the bell and her school uniform:

“When I was a boarder at Claremont (1953 – 1956 with a rose coloured badge, not brown) a friend and I sometimes went up onto the roof about an hour before the getting up ring of 7am and rang the bell. We finally got caught when a local complained about it, as they set their time by the school bell! I don’t know what they did in the holidays!

Our uniform was beige and only brown for our Macintosh and winter coat. The summer coat was herringbone brown and white which looked beige. Our winter hat was dark brown but the summer one was beige. Both hats had no hat bands, only the badge, which was definitely not brown, but rose coloured in the background. Sadly, I don’t think I have a coloured photo of it. Our blazers were also rose-coloured, which my mother loved!”