Former staff, 1981 - 2012 Governor, 2018 – present

David Ford

David shares memories of joining the school after teaching at an American Air Force base in Essex. Forty enjoyable years include working alongside former principal Patricia Farrar, the 1983 Europe Football Tour, pets in the classroom, visits from grandparents and a resident Claremont pigeon:

“We had some very good runners both boys and girls. We had routes that took us through Black Hills to Black Pond, and back. We ran into West End woods and through Esher. Matthew A brought in a metal detector to walk around the Belvedere after school and found an unexploded World War Two bomb and carried it into the Bursar. We had the bomb squad in to check for more; and they soon cordoned off the mound so I had to create a new cross-country course for the club for a few weeks!

I remember Bonfire Night fireworks parties in front of the Mansion. Sledging down the Mansion hill and the Belvedere hill in winter.

In 1992, Claremont Fan Court School won a Silver award at The Royal Anniversary Trust Awards for the refurbishment of the Walled Garden’s pond fountain. Patricia Farrar, when Head of the Middle School, created an outdoor classroom in the Walled Garden. We dug out the pond fountain and used the dirt to create the natural pond. A parent, Martin H, got the pump working again in the fountain. A dovecot, butterfly garden, wildflower garden and a fruit tree nursery were created in the Walled Garden.”

Walled Garden

Walled Garden refurbished pond fountain in 1992.