Longcross, Class of 1988

Kathleen Moore

Former head girl Kathleen describes her memories as "boundless". Kathleen shares stories of Guy Fawkes fireworks outside the mansion, dorm inspections, her first day and what her school years mean to her:

“Memories are boundless, not just one or two anecdotes. It’s a string of things, activities, classes, friendships, growth – all just because of the place it is and what it allowed me to become. I’m very grateful for those years. I entered as a shy, complacent, young girl and left as a leader, hard worker, and strong team player. Qualities that I still use today.

Thanks to Mrs Franks for her French lessons – I continued my studies in French, later becoming a French teacher, but then changing to English. Thanks to Mr Sutherland for inspiring me. He was the mentor I needed and I always share with my students the value of having such a mentor.

Mrs Ramsay “Sit down nicely” – Mr Langton’s inspiring lessons – Mr Frood’s bursts of anger – parties, fun and other things we shouldn’t have done as boarders! – Guy Fawkes Night fireworks – Fete Champ’etre in the national gardens adjoining the grounds – the beautiful Belvedere – speaking as Head Girl at Summer Meeting – Joseph Noble as Michael Jackson in Thriller: a highlight of our year as boarders! – being the tea lady after the rugby games (even went to the away games) – going to Wimbledon, getting tickets from those leaving the grounds to grab a match or two in the afternoon – offshore sailing trip – 6th form survival course – Rugby Supper Dances – Longcross House – the Mansion – playing in Godspell with Alastair ‘Jesus’ Willis – the Red Stairs – the tunnel – kayak lessons in the swimming pool – trying to learn lacrosse (I was rubbish!) – uniform – volleyball team with Mr Longman – choir and orchestra – Red Nose Day – O-levels – A-levels – life long friends – wonderful memories.

Thank you Claremont for some great years and fantastic memories.”