Claremont Fan Court School

Esher, Class of 2015

Lauren Flynn

Lauren came back to Claremont in September 2023 to run a series of drama workshops created around costume, set design, sound and lighting with pupils from years 11-13. Lauren has been working as an LX Technician at Royal Opera House but her love of the stage started in Claremont's JGC theatre:

“My passion for Drama really started at Claremont on the stage of the JGC, and later in the tech box, learning all sorts of things (including what a floppy disk was!) and reflecting back I feel so fortunate for the opportunities provided to me.

Since leaving Claremont, I have gone on to work with some incredible designers and actors, including lighting designer Paulie Constable (Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time), and actor James Phelps (Harry Potter) on all sorts of exciting projects. I spent a year at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, working on iconic productions like The Nutcracker, and La Traviata, and in recent months have joined Matilda the Musical as their LX4. Some days it is hard to believe my passion stemmed from just an opportunity to play around with the lighting and sound for the 2013 Claremont Spring Musical: The Boyfriend!

I have been so lucky to meet people who are passionate about the arts and are willing to work with young, talented, enthusiastic people, so of course I was delighted to bring my Understanding and Discussing Elements of Technical Theatre workshop to this cohort of GCSE and A-Level students.”