Head of Preparatory School

Mrs H Hutton-Attenborough

BSc (Bristol), PGCE, NPQH

Having graduated from Bristol with a mathematics degree, Helen began her early career days in accountancy. Whilst working for an international computer company, Helen then discovered a flair for systems analysis, managing to balance work and family life in an early version of hybrid working. However, the demands of the quickly expanding Hutton-Attenborough family encouraged Helen to take a career break. With five young children, this was anything but a restful interlude although it certainly provided excellent training for a move into teaching! Helen’s own primary school years were spent in the relaxed, pre-national curriculum era, where creative teachers set about opening children’s eyes to the magic of the world beyond their immediate horizons, an experience which has shaped her vision of the education which she wants to provide for children. PGCE studies were followed by a short period of teaching in the maintained sector, before moving to Surbiton High and then Claremont. Now in her fourteenth year at the school, Helen continues to strive for new challenges and opportunities for the children, staff and herself – and is proud to lead a team who always deliver when they hear ‘I’ve had an idea…’

In her spare time, Helen enjoys walking, skiing, theatre and camper van trips. Best of all though is the time spent with her husband and their ever-growing family, including a motley crew of dogs, and their circle of friends, both near and far.

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