Cayley, Class of 1958

Richard Moon

Richard's highlights include Fan Court School’s Guy Fawkes night, The Pirates of Penzance production and the rhododendrons in bloom:

“Unfortunately my memory of Fan Court is somewhat faded but I have the fondest of memories of my time there which were from 1953 to 1959. 

While delving into a cupboard the other day I found a selection of photos:

The back of the main building: Whilst not unusual in itself the picture is taken from a rhododendron bush in the shrubbery and this reminds me of the hours of fun we had playing and climbing in them.  

The ‘new’ Headmaster’s house with Mr Andreae and his dog in the front garden: Not visible in the picture, but opposite the house, was a bank of beautiful azaleas and rhododendrons which smelt wonderful every year. Whenever I get that smell I still immediately think of that bed!”  

The front lawn with the cast of The Pirates of Penzance:  Great fun with all the varied costumes. Mr Andreae is also in this picture but I don’t think there are any other staff. I’m not sure which is me! Also in the background on the right you can see a small tent. These were allowed at the bottom of the lawn during the summer term and were much enjoyed. In fact the beautiful sweeping terraced front lawns were a focal point for many activities one of which was Guy Fawkes night where each individual family had their own firework display to set off, all side by side. Great fun, but not very safe! 

Rugby team: Incidentally, I am the boy on the right hand end of the rugby team photograph which was featured in a recent alumni publication. I was fortunate enough to be in many of the school sports teams and still have a school badge, some colours, and a cricket ball prize that I won one year, I think for best all rounder! 

You may be aware but the Moon dynasty continued when in 1985 our three children joined Claremont Fan Court School. My wife Judith from ‘helping out’ became a full time Teaching Assistant up till 2016. My brother’s children were also pupils from about 1981 to 1990. Many, many years of happy associations.”