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Identity and aims

Our identity

Goodness underpins this school.

Our pupils become a force for good in our global community. They are peaceful and purposeful, confident and collaborative; able to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Our aims

Be confident in character

Academics are at the centre of what we deliver and at Claremont we invest in character to fulfil this through the intellectual, creative, physical, social and moral aspects of our pupils. They grow into themselves, and in confidence.

Be limitless in potential

We specialise in excellent pastoral support, because we know that happy pupils will thrive and achieve. As they do so we raise the bar a little higher, then a little higher still until they realise their potential is limitless.

Be strong in understanding

At Claremont we learn to respect our own and other people’s strengths, and treat them equally. That is why our pupils are team players, part of a tight-knit school community and renowned for being respectful, inclusive and courteous. Knowing themselves and the value of their contribution to the world offers a unique strength. We stand tall on each other’s shoulders.

Our mission, vision and ethos

To learn about our mission, vision and ethos, please click here.


We believe in the importance of celebrating diversity and enabling individuals to be confident in being themselves and proud of their differences. We welcome pupils of all faiths (and none), races, genders and sexual orientation. Our curriculum and pastoral care are shaped to educate our pupils and ourselves in understanding history, challenging prejudice and creating talented, open-minded leaders and thinkers. We are blessed with historic setting and colleagues that inspire a love for learning and a respect for each other. We believe in the importance of inspiring altruism for others, and an appreciation that it is our duty to use charity and community partnership as opportunities to enhance the lives and learning of others and to educate ourselves.

We are proud of the fact that our child has been at Claremont Fan Court School and have no hesitation in highly recommending the school. I believe it is one of the only schools in the area that is true to its convictions and really does strive to deliver, happy, well educated, well-mannered and confident young people into society. You have certainly helped us achieve that with our child.

Parent of leaving child