Art and Photography

We hope that parents and pupils have enjoyed seeing the Year 11 and 13 art and photography on display. The artwork showcases a wide range of different ideas and processes experimented with by pupils ranging from work created in Year 10 into Year 11 and Year 12 into Year 13. Pupils should be proud of their achievements; every single one of them has created some impressive and unique outcomes this year. Comments from guests visiting the show observed that the pupils work was ‘impressive’ individual’ and of a ‘high standard’.


Textile design GCSE and A level work was exhibited this half term. Parents were very proud to see the excellent work produced by Year 11 and 13 students for their coursework and externally set exam projects. The A level students’ work explored a wide range of diverse themes including: ‘Music, Fears and Phobias’, ‘Physical and Natural protection’, ‘Crime’, ‘Emotional and Physical pain’, ‘and ‘The Seasons’. They constructed exceptional outcomes which included a variety of textile responses: dresses, jackets, installations, a bird cage and a suitcase. The GCSE pupils displayed a brilliant range of amazing textiles, garments, and wall hangings which were the result of their hard work over the last two years.