On Thursday 21 September, we were honoured to have Dr Sam Fowles speak to our students as part of our JGP Inspire lectures. Sam is a barrister and Director of the Institute for Constitutional and Democratic Research. His bestselling book, Overruled: Confronting Our Vanishing Democracy in 8 Cases tells the story of how democracy in the UK is under attack and the people who have sought to defend it through the courts.

Meeting first with our Year 13 politics students over lunch, before delivering a talk to students from Year 10 – 13, Sam discussed democracy, referenced cases from Overruled and shared valuable techniques used by lawyers to assess the validity of what we are reading/seeing/hearing to make us more ‘forensic citizens.’

Sam enthusiastically provided some thought-provoking responses to students’ questions and valuable take-aways, inspiring some of our future lawyers with the content of his talk.

We are so grateful to him for giving up his time to visit Claremont and speak to our students.