To show our support for national Mental Health Awareness Week, we held a whole host of wellbeing events for our Senior School pupils.

We kick started the week by introducing conversation cards to tables at lunchtime. Pupils enjoyed discussing topics with their friends over a relaxed lunch.

Pupils and staff were up bright and early for a morning walk on Tuesday. Armed with wellies, the group met at 7 am on the mansion steps and enjoyed soaking in the beautiful scenery as the glorious morning sun arose. They even got to have a delicious hot chocolate at Betty’s Café when they returned.

On Wednesday, pupils took part in some relaxing mindful activities that ranged from colouring in, to breathing exercises.

The Great Room was filled with music on Thursday lunchtime when pupils sang along to karaoke. Crowd favourites were Firework by Katy Perry and Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. This helped pupils with confidence and released endorphins.

To finish off this jam-packed week, pupils got creative in a calm stone painting workshop. There were some great colourful designs made with bright acrylic pens. At lunchtime, pupils took part in some gardening near the pupil hub which many found mindful and soothing.


Other activities from last week included writing gratitude cards, picking up self-affirmation notes from the library or care centre, as well a house self-care poster design competition.