We are very pleased to introduce our sixth form prefects and head students for the academic year 2021-22 who take on their new roles this autumn term. Student leadership offers fantastic opportunities to be actively involved in all aspects of the school community and we have no doubt that their contributions this year will be hugely positive. Congratulations to all!

Head students: Jessica F and Oliver T

Senior prefects:

Oliver HE – Senior prefect, academic
Libby D – Senior prefect, pastoral
Rami dM – Senior prefect, community
Lily M – Senior prefect, community
Everlyn B – Senior prefect, charities

Prefect team:

Isabelle B, Connor BW, Thomas B, Gabriel B, Charlotte C, Sam dB, Caspar dlT, Eve D, Matthew D-R, Joshua H, Matthew H, Archie H, Fatima K, Freya L, Olly M, Henry M, Preesha P, Ben R, Holly R, Matthew S, Ellie S, Laura S, Alessia S, Louis T, Beth T, Panos V, Arran W, Daniel W, Edward W, Ben W and Millie W.