On Tuesday 23 March, the Prep school hosted a instrumental concert in the school hall. Parents gathered in the evening to watch pupils play a variety of classical, jazz and latin music styles.

The evening quite literally started and ended on a good note with string and wind groups playing a variety of short songs. These groups of pupils have been practicing in their co-curricular clubs run by music teacher Judith Sitford. Year 5 teacher, Mr Peck, joined the wind group students playing the trombone and supported them with their fantastic performance.

The evening also saw soloists from Year 3-6 perform a range of instruments including piano, clarinet, saxophone, cello, trombone and violin.  These pupils participate in private lessons in and out of school. It was particularly special because it was the first time this year that a showcase with an audience could be put on.

A special thank you to Judith Sitford for organising such a lovely event. A special mention to music teacher Emma Hawksley who accompanied some of the students with the piano.