The fashion club pupils modelled their 1920s fashion garments which they made especially for the centenary Gala Day capturing the essence, innovation and vibrancy of the ‘roaring 20s’. With design features of geometric patterns, flapper style fringing and most importantly a sense of fun! All the garments reflected this. We are so proud of the pupils who spent their time during the fashion club putting in a huge amount of enthusiasm and for their contribution to making the event such a great success.


Special thanks to all our designers and models, the fashion club diamond award winners are as follows:

Year 7 – The Zoot Suit by Matilda C

Year 8 – Golden Era Flapper Dress by Abigail F

Year 9 – Flapper Skirt by Gaby B

Year 7 – ‘Charleston Collection – 3 Jazz Age inspired garments by Cecily F and Abi W and modelled by Annabelle M

Year 7 – Neon Flapper Dress by Alicia H and modelled by Elea F

Year 9 – Gold Sparkle Evening Gown by Celeste H and modelled by Lucia P