Tuesday evening saw Claremont’s debut in the Surrey U14 Girls Hardball Cup vs City of London Freemans. Winning the toss there was no messing around with Claremont’s bowling attack, taking 3 wickets in the first 4 overs and this pace did not let up. Freemans were restricted to 105, Alyssa being our stand out bowler, just one drop catch away from a five wicket haul (4.0-4-13).

The second inning started as dramatically as the first,  with a couple of early wickets but Jade H looking like she couldn’t be stopped with the bat scoring a swift 24. As quickly as the wickets tumbled our score increased, Alyssa batting sensibly and building partnerships as we approached 100. With all players (and coaches!) on edge the last wicket unfortunately fell with just 2 runs left in the chase. Although the result did not go our way, the game was an outstanding team effort and one the team should be proud of.


Surrey Tennis Festival Highlights: U/12 and U/14 Girls Shine 1st May

Surrey Tennis Festival at St. George’s College was an electrifying showcase of talent, and our U/12 and U/14 girls’ teams left their mark with outstanding performances and unwavering determination.

Under 12 Girls:

Our U/12 girls faced intense battles on the court, with two nail-biting matches against Reigate and St. George’s resulting in thrilling 3-3 draws. The girls demonstrated exceptional skill and resilience, pushing their opponents to the limit. Despite a narrow defeat to Reigate in a tense tie-breaker, they rallied back to secure a hard-fought victory against St. George’s, showcasing their unwavering determination and commendable sportsmanship. With their remarkable display of tennis prowess, the U/12 girls secured a well-deserved tie for 3rd place alongside St. George’s.

Under 14 Girls:

The U/14 girls faced formidable opponents in Putney and Guildford during the group stages, encountering tough competition on the courts. Despite valiant efforts, they narrowly missed out on victory, falling short with 4-2 losses to both schools. However, they showcased remarkable resilience and determination, refusing to back down and securing a crucial win against St. Teresa’s. With their unwavering fighting spirit and impressive display of tennis skills, the U/14 girls claimed a commendable 3rd place finish. Their tenacity and grit serve as a testament to their dedication and passion for the sport. Congratulations to Olivia B and Daisy G

Congratulations to both our U/12 and U/14 girls’ teams for their outstanding performances at the Surrey Tennis Festival. Your hard work, determination, and sportsmanship have made us proud. Well done, girls!


Surrey Tennis Festival: A Triumph for Claremont Boys Tennis Team – 2 May

What an exhilarating day it was at St. George’s College as our Boys Tennis Team showcased their prowess against some of the most formidable schools in Surrey. With determination and skill, our boys left an indelible mark on the courts, demonstrating the true spirit of tennis excellence.

Under 18 (Leo S and Ben L-S):

The senior boys faced formidable opponents in a series of challenging matches. Despite encountering setbacks, they showcased resilience and skill, engaging in intense rallies and fast-paced play, ultimately securing a commendable 3rd position.

Under 16 (Chester E and Williams H):

The under 16 boys poured their hearts into each match, engaging in thrilling encounters that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. Despite facing close defeats against Cranmore and Dulwich College, they emerged victorious against Caterham, displaying exceptional tennis prowess and sportsmanship, securing a well-deserved 4th position.

Under 14 (Harry S and Nathaniel R-T):

The under 14 boys exhibited exceptional teamwork and determination throughout the tournament. Their matches were marked by nail-biting moments, none more so than the intense showdown against Cranmore, where they clawed their way back from a 3-1 deficit to clinch victory in a thrilling tie-breaker. Despite narrowly missing out on the top spot, their stellar performance earned them a well-deserved 2nd position.

Under 12 (Ben C and Charlie S):

The under 12 boys emerged as the undisputed champions of the tournament, dominating their opponents with skill and precision. Their journey to victory was marked by impressive wins against formidable rivals, including a nail-biting semi-final victory against KGS and a sensational comeback in the finals against Trinity. With unwavering determination and remarkable teamwork, they clinched the title, showcasing the true essence of tennis excellence.

The Surrey Tennis Festival was not just a showcase of talent, but a testament to the resilience, determination, and sportsmanship embodied by the Claremont Boys Tennis Team. Congratulations to all the players, coaches, and supporters for an unforgettable day of tennis brilliance!


League Match on Tuesday 30th April

Exciting Surrey League Tennis Match – U/14

In a triangle match between Claremont, Reeds, and Trinity hosted by Reeds, the action was intense. Trinity started strong, defeating Claremont 3-1. The real excitement came when Claremont faced Reeds. With the teams evenly matched, they drew 2-2 and went into a thrilling tie-breaker. Despite a valiant effort, Claremont narrowly lost 18-16. Congratulations to William H, Chester E, Josh C and Fred W.  for their skill and sportsmanship!


The 2024 Royal Richmond Pagoda shoot was on Sunday 21 April, 3 Claremont archers took on the challenge, and done themselves and the school proud with how they done.

The pagod shoot is made up of 2 different Archery rounds an Albion (80, 60 and 50 yard shooting 3 dozen arrows) and a Windsor (60, 50 and 40 yard shooting 3 dozen arrows)

Finn was shooting the Albion round with Comet and Rosie shooting the Windsor.

They all shot extremally well in changeable and unpredictable conditions, one minuet nice and fine the next a windstorm.

There was some drama, Rosie managed a robin hood at 40 yards, very impressive and accurate (a robin hood is where 1 arrow goes into the back of another arrow already in the target)

It was a tight run thing for Rosie and Comet for a lot of the shoot, but in the end, Rosie got the edge on Comet with Rosie coming first and Comet coming a very respectable 2nd in junior lady’s Barebow and Finn coming 2nd in junior men’s Barebow.

Super proud of them and looking forward to more competitions and coming back with more medals, memories and fun times.