Regional gymnastics success

After a successful season of finishing on the podium at all of her competitions, Mia B and her partner won the Regional Championships in March. This meant she qualified to represent London at the Acrobatic National finals held in Stoke on Trent in May. This was her first season of being the base in a Women’s pair (person on the bottom doing the lifting) and she came second out of 13 regions that competed! The image below is of her competing at London Regional Championships for Acrobatic Gymnastics last year.

Surrey Tennis Festival

The Surrey Schools Festival is an annual event for all schools within Surrey. The festival is hosted at the Surrey County Indoor Centre at St George’s College, Weybridge.
On 3 May the girls competed at the Surrey Festival. They played very well, with Year 8 students (Anais and Olivia) winning two out of three matches. They came second in their group stages. Year 9 students (Linea and Isabella) won two out of their three matches. Placing them in second place in their group stages.
On 4 May the boys competed at the Surrey Festival. Each of the boys played really well. Our senior boys – Leo S and Ben won five matches out of six and went through to the next round and they shared third place with ACS Cobham. U/14 Boys – Oliver R and Aaron Roux had a tough group stage, but they won 2 out of the 4 matches. They came 3rd in their group stages. U/13 Boys – William H and Chester H won 2 games out of the 4 games. They came 3rd in their group stages. U/12 Boys – Harry and Nathaniel won all their matches coming 1st in their group stages. They played in the semi-finals and came 3rd overall. Well done to the students that went to the festival. You really played well.

Road to Wimbledon

Well done to all the students who took part in the Road to Wimbledon. It has been a fun five weeks of getting all their tennis matches played. It was so nice to see the students challenging each other as they don’t get to play many singles matches. Well done to the following pupils who won their group stages –
Jessica L won the girls Year 7’s group stages. Harry S won the boys Year 7’s group stages. Anais P won the girls Year 8’s group stages. Josh C won the boys Year 8’s group stages.