Woodhall Spa golf tournament

Tristan G competed at at Woodhall Spa golf tournament over half term – “The tournament a Woodhall spa was great as it was my first time playing there. Even though I didn’t play my best it was still a great opportunity to be representing the school and playing a nice golf course against lots of other schools. Thank you to Mr Mawson for allowing this to happen and an even larger thank you to Mrs O’Flaherty for organising this and all the other golf at Claremont. I am excited to see how golf is going to progress in the coming years at Claremont.”


Senior School house table tennis competition

On Monday the 21st November we hosted the Table Tennis House Competition in our sports hall. It was so lovely to see such an amazing turn out for this house competition. Over 20 students attended. Well Done to everyone that took part.

It was a very exciting and competitive afternoon.

Winners –

Year 7 – Edward C (Stanmore)

Year 8 – Olivia B (Radnor)

Year 9 – Michael D (Stanmore)

And our overall winner goes to Michael D (Stanmore)



National Tennis League

What an exciting week for our senior girls’ tennis team. We had two national league matches that took place on Tuesday against St Catherine’s and the other one that we played on Wednesday against Sutton High School.

Both games were so exciting to watch as both teams played so well and our students kept fighting for every point. The students had amazing long rallies and beautiful quick volleys. Their hard work paid off and our girls managed to win both games. We are so proud of the senior girl’s tennis team.

Results for the tennis matches.

·         Claremont Fan Court School vs St Catherine’s: 4-2

·         Claremont Fan Court School vs Sutton High School 5 -1

Well done girls – Isabella C, Isobel J, Tabi D and Ava P


Kickboxing success

Jamie C in Year 7, one of the school’s all rounder scholars, was awarded his black belt for kickboxing! He’s a member of Holistic Fitness in Wimbledon. His sensei said it is quite rare for someone so young to achieve black belt on their first attempt and Jamie did!