Thanks to the generous donation from an alumna, the Stable Court clock tower underwent a full restoration this autumn, and we are delighted to say this heritage preservation project is now complete.

Working with a specialist restoration company, Ash, the clock and weathervane have been updated and restored back to full working order, and it looks better than ever. The restoration project included:

  • Stripping back the original clock face
  • Refurbishing and refitting the clock face and hands (including restoring the gold details on the clock face)
  • Installing a new remote clock mechanism
  • Restoration of the bell
  • Design, supply and installation of the bell strike mechanism
  • Strengthening existing structures for the bell within the tower

None of this would have been possible without the generous support of one alumna and we thank her for her continued support. As a school, we are custodians of a rich historic site, but maintenance and preservation projects require specialist restoration and are costly. These projects are only possible with the support of the Claremont community, ensuring the next generation has the opportunity to enjoy our historic grounds.

clock restoration