The music department recently hosted a piano tea, the latest in our informal teas and what a delightful afternoon we had. Eighteen talented pianists had the privilege to play in the Great Room, where none other than the great composer Chopin performed. Princess Charlotte herself also played on the Broadwood sister piano to Beethoven in this very room.

The participating students represented a cross-section of standards across all three schools playing their various pieces to parents, alumni and staff.

The focus of the instrumental tea is participation. This informal performance has the advantage of a supportive audience as everyone knows what it is like to be a beginner and the advanced students can provide inspiration for those who have not yet reached as high a standard. We heard a variety of very talented students perform.

This was followed by a delicious tea with cakes and biscuits!

Many thanks to all those involved in this event for a very enjoyable afternoon. Special thanks to our peripatetic teachers, both in and outside of school who have enabled and given our students such confidence.

Participating pupils were:

Annabelle G – Year 2
Carly O – Year 2
Bella W – Year 2
Michael S-A – Year 2
Ellie M  – Year 2
Crewe F – Year 3
Lara L – Year 4
Pippa H – Year 5
Sebastian S – Year 6
Josephine G – Year 7
Yegor K – Year 7
Adeline I – Year 8
Jinny P – Year 8
Sophie S – Year 9
Amelia B – Year 9
Hogan K – Year 10
Zac S – Year 12
Maria E – Year 12