Claremont Fan Court welcomed recent medical graduate Karim Saleh (class of 2015) back virtually to talk to pupils from Years 7-13 about his experience working in healthcare. Karim is a trainee pharmacist and is keen to inspire young people about the growing importance of global health after he was chosen to feature in a new health campaign called Health Legends.

Mrs Michael, Head of Chemistry said: “Karim spoke both passionately and eloquently about his experiences of science at Claremont and how staff encouraged and inspired him in his chosen field. He was an excellent ambassador for endorsing the Health Legends campaign, the sciences and maths and a career in the healthcare profession. His enthusiasm was abundantly clear to all year groups that were listening and they, in turn, were receptive.”

The Health Legends campaign showcases the dedication of individuals from around the world who are passionate about making a difference to health in their communities and beyond. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how we’re all connected and by sharing their personal experiences, they hope more people will be encouraged to get behind the campaign.

Our thanks to Karim for his time. The talk was immensely interesting for pupils looking to pursue careers in medicine and science and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to ask lots of questions.