Since Year 5 were unable to set sail and embark on a voyage across the ocean, they did the next best thing and took a trip down the M4 instead to The Living Rainforest in Thatcham on Monday 17 January.

The children enjoyed seeing all the marvellous plants and animals in the rainforest environment, absorbing many useful facts about poisonous snakes which we’re sure will come in very handy during a quiz when they’re older! Other highlights included the blue dart frogs, brilliantly camouflaged stick and leaf insects and even a sleepy sloth.

The children learnt all about how these plants and animals have adapted to their rainforest environment, setting them up nicely for the rest of their unit of work in geography this term. A few of the children even managed to experience the mist machines, thus returning home significantly cleaner than they normally would on a Monday afternoon!

Many thanks to Miss Dearden for organising the trip. Pupils can re-visit the rainforest from the school library by reading Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson.