Year 7 enjoyed a science and technology day on Thursday 24 June as part of their enrichment week programme. This year the pupils have missed so many of the practical science skills and fun investigations as well as creative technology lessons so this was a fantastic opportunity to catch up. The pupils had to muster all of their problem-solving skills as well as their knowledge of chromatography, solubility, filtration, evaporation, flame testing, fibre analysis, deciphering codes and finger prints to solve a burglary at Claremont CSI. They were then able to test their construction and artistic skills as well as their understanding of the forces involved in rocket launching, competing to see whose rocket looked best, worked best and could fly furthest.  To round off an excellent and demanding day they used all of their creativity to produce beautiful kites that they could then fly in technology. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went home with kites and rockets in hand.