We are delighted to announce that, thanks to the commitment of two Year 8 geography classes, two new latrines have been constructed in support of the Toilet Twinning charity which aims to flush away poverty, one toilet at a time.

One toilet has been sponsored in the Karkh district in Afghanistan and the other in the Ituri province in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Both Karam S and Zoravar R explained the purpose behind the project: “We had been learning about the sacrifices that the workers in lower income countries have to make to earn very little pay and we wanted families in poverty to have access to a toilet.”

Lily D described, “…over 2 weeks, we have been doing tasks around the house. In return our parents ‘paid’ us a very low wage (£3) which is the equivalent to the average wage which workers are paid in low income countries. Often communities can not afford toilets as they are too expensive and without one, there is no privacy when you need it the most.” 

Mrs Heard, teacher of geography, said she was thrilled that these two classes rose to the challenge of helping out at home and also to the generosity of parents in supporting the learning in lessons. Learning becomes so much more powerful when students empathise and actively engage with helping others less fortunate.

Visit www.toilettwinning.org/ for further information about this fantastic initiative.