Congratulations to the Year 9 pupils who won a £1000 donation for Momentum through the First Give charity program!

First Give is an initiative that inspires schools to compete in groups to raise awareness and money for local charities. There are two parts to this programme. Firstly, pupils are challenged to create social action through hosting creative fundraising events, meeting with their chosen charities and making an impact within the school community. The second part of the programme is where pupils deliver an interactive and informative presentation in front of judges, including the Mayor of Elmbridge, councillor Richard Williams; assistant head, Mrs Smith, First Give judge, Sophie Barnes and senior school students Diya M and Alex M.

Representatives from the pupils’ chosen charities were in attendance, including Rainbow Trust, Momentum, Cheer, Rentstart and Down’s South London.

A special mention to the runner’s up group representing Down’s South London, who received a special commendation for their fundraising efforts.

A huge well done to everyone in Year 9 for being a part of this program!