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Young Enterprise

Every year, teams of pupils form their own businesses and, with the guidance of staff and the Young Enterprise organisation, develop them as successfully as possible.

The teams also compete with other companies at trade shows and Young Enterprise gatherings, with awards presented to recognise smart business planning and creativity. Each company must also complete a variety of tasks including producing company reports, creating adverts and designing a website.

Our teams from Year 10 and Year 12 gained valuable skills and experience from participating in the Young Enterprise company programme this year. All pupils were praised for their innovation and problem solving by designing unique, eye-catching and authentic products.

2017-18 Companies

Regenerate, our Year 12 team of budding entrepreneurs, came up with the idea of a multi-generational board game after volunteering at an old people’s home. Their desire to re-join families with a traditional board game was both highly original and very popular with the public. It was also popular with the judges winning the Most Innovative Product award at the North Surrey Final.

Cable Clips designed, manufactured and sold a very practical cable tidy. Popular amongst students and parents this clever little design was a great solution for a common problem. The team were recognised at the competition’s Half Way festival winning the Most Innovative Product award. 

B.Inc showed resourcefulness with their idea to produce a product which would solve the problem of food waste bins being targeted by foxes. Their clever design was praised by Elmbridge Council and bin manufacturers. Despite encountering setbacks with the manufacturing the team did not give up and showed real tenacity.