This page contains all the links and information that visitors to Claremont need to successfully run an extra-curricular activity. Please click HERE to join the live induction webinar on Friday 30 August 2024 at 10am.

Important Phone Numbers

07834 055474 – care centre mobile

07834 475458 – caretaker mobile

01372 463695 – Pre prep office






First Aid and accident reporting

If an accident occurs during your club, you must complete this report form. A paper copy is avaialble in your register.

EVOLVE accidentbook (clubs) V1

Defibrilator map

Kitt Pen information 

List of PFA qualified staff in ASC

Designated first aiders before school (?)

Protocols to follow when on site

CFC Clubs Guidelines

Lanyards Guidance

Lightning policy

Head Injury Policy



Contact information

Eliza Fontana, Pre prep office:

Jo Jackson, Prep office:

Jo James, senior school co-curriculuar