Since the start of January, 9 intrepid year 6 pupils have been tinkering away on a Friday afternoon for an hour or so at a time. What they have produced in that time has been seen by some as it went whizzing around the prep school playground last Friday afternoon. The Greenpower goblin go kart will not be taking on any formula one car (and was even outstripped by the golf buggies that cruise around the site) but it has been built from start to finish by the prep schools pupils themselves.

The car came as a kit with all the parts included, some exploded drawings and plenty of small print to read carefully. The children have got to grips with spanners, socket wrenches and allen keys of various sizes and worked wonderfully together to make the car. There have been plenty of mistakes, tinkering, perseverance and patience shown from all of them. We owe a lot to a few of the parents for lending their expertise on electronics in particular when having built the car, it wouldn’t initially start. Some have also given their time freely to come along and help at some of the club time.

It is part of a larger project run by Greenpower. The car in question is called a goblin design and the team, along with a couple of members of staff will be showing it off at a local race meet on Saturday 28 May at Seaford College in Petworth. Up to 60 other goblin cars from schools and community groups around the country will also be there on the day and it will be a good chance to see how the Claremont car fares against others in the country. The race day will consist of three disciplines for the students: a race around a track, a parade, an obstacle course focussing on manoeuvring skills and a flat drag race.

We wish our future Lewis Hamiltons the best of luck with their upcoming races!

View our gallery below to see them practice on the Prep School playground.