Fencing Success

Yoojoo K. and Arabella F. (Year 7) bravely entered a very tough U13 National Event on 19 November 2023. Yoojoo finishing 8th and Arabella finishing 12th.

The best fight of the day was Yoojoo’s last 8 fight against another opponent nearly two years older than her and ranked 5th in England’s U14s. Yoojoo was winning by one hit all the way to 8-8, fencing brilliantly until her opponent dug deep to pull ahead by one hit and finished with a ‘double’ to win 10-9.

Arabella also fenced beautifully, displaying some really good techniques which will serve her well in the coming year. She is achieving consistently impressive results and improving every time she competes.



Rugby Tournaments

Our Year 7’s rugby team went to St John’s School, Leatherhead on 15 November for a tournament. They were playing schools we do not normally have a chance to compete against so it was a chance to test ourselves. The results were extremely positive with our A team playing 4 teams, winning 2, drawing 1 and losing 1. This included drawing with the hosts St John’s. The B team, won 2 of their games and drew 1.

All in all the performance of all the boys was outstanding and shows how much progress is being made on the rugby field.

Next Wednesday will be the Year 8’s turn at the same festival.