The Pre-Prep and Nursery thoroughly enjoyed their annual walkathon on Thursday 4 November to raise funds for the PTA. When the children arrived at school there was talk of all the lights in the sky last night and the discovery of slime around the school and the mysterious disappearance of the school pet lizards and house teddy! It was then up to the children to solve the mystery by walking around the school grounds to find clues. Captain Kirk (also known as Mr Williams) led the investigation with members of the sci-fi team in tow assisting the children.

At the end of the walkathon, the children realised that the alibi from Space Diva (also known as Miss Fontana) didn’t add up and concluded that she had indeed tried to make off with the pet lizards and house teddy. House teddy showed his bravery, however, by hiding the pet lizards before Space Diva could find them.

It was a wonderful adventure for all involved, with some truly fantastic sci-fi costumes on display! Thank you to all our members of the Pre-Prep and Nursery PTA who helped to make the event so memorable for the children.