Pre-Nursery and Nursery pupils had some very special guests come and visit on Wednesday 25 May. Some of the visitors were slimy, some of them had scales and some of them even had eight legs! Animal expert Phil, who works for educational company Zoolab, came to visit in the morning and bought some interesting friends with him…

The children got to meet Turbo the giant snail, Echo the gecko, Rosie the tarantula, Sting the scorpion, Mike the cockroach and Slinky the snake. Phil told the children the story of his jungle adventures and how he found the animals along the way. When each animal got brought out, he told everyone some amazing animal facts, so that the children could go home and ask their parents “Did you know that cockroaches have two brains?!” and “Did you know that some geckos’ tails can fall off and grow back?!”.

Since the children were so well behaved and quiet, Phil very kindly let the children touch some of the animals. They were very brave and were so excited to feel the different textures.

Please view the gallery below to see all of the amazing animals.

A special thank you to Phil from Zoolab for his enthusiastic and educational talk.