In 2021, our students celebrated stellar A level results with:

  • 60% of entries graded A or higher
  • 86% graded B or higher
  • ALL students accepted into their first or reserve choice of university

Headmaster, Mr Brierly, commented, ‘I am tremendously proud of our upper sixth for these excellent results. While media may talk about grade inflation, our students’ results simply reflect their sustained effort and determination; even in their lower sixth year our students showed recognition of the need to work earlier and harder.’

In 2020, 94% of our upper sixth students gained places at their preferred universities.

There was much to celebrate, especially in one of the most difficult years for students in the school’s history. On the other hand, we were incredibly proud to see the tenacity, confidence and fortitude with which our students approached their work and assessments.

For further information, we have provided percentage details of the grades awarded in summer 2020. These were, of course, decided by the teachers and senior leaders based on evidence and data rather than actual summer examinations.

2020 A level results