Claremont consistently achieves excellent results at GCSE.

Our aim, always, is to ensure that our pupils achieve the best possible outcome in their exams, driven by our character quality education that builds confidence, resilience and initiative through our excellent pastoral and school community support.

We are incredibly proud of our Year 11s, especially our most recent 2019-20 cohort that faced their exams with utter determination and fortitude. Despite potentially the most challenging year in the school’s history, their results were excellent.

2019-20 Results

Below you will find percentage details of the grades awarded in summer 2020. Due to COVID these were decided by the teachers and senior leaders based on evidence and data, rather than actual summer examinations.

2019-20 GCSE and A level results

2018-19 results

In this cohort, over 45% of GCSEs were graded 9, 8 or 7 (A* or A).